The fall of Galaxy Fold within a few hours What happened

The fall of Galaxy Fold within a few hours .. What happened?

Over the past few days, Samsung Korea has experienced a scenario similar to that of Manchester City and Tottenham in terms of rapid fluctuations. After the technical impact of the new folding phone, the Galaxy Fold, they returned within a few hours to talk about big problems On the screen, which opened the door to negative discussions immediately despite the innocence of the Korean company almost completely.

The date is written again

Samsung did not want to play a secondary role in the smartphone market again after it played in 2007 after the introduction of the first generation of iPhone, which redefined the shape of the mobile phone and opened prospects never seen before. So over the past decade, Samsung has always played on the edge of technology, surpassing it at times by offering curved screens, and sometimes by providing a smartphone with a full-screen front screen. In 2019, it surpassed all limits and provided new smartphones with a folding screen.

There has never been a difference in the aesthetics of the new phone, the Galaxy. The company rewrites history with this innovation that will be built on by other generations waiting for a new revolution that does not seem obvious at the moment.

Everyone was happy to have the $ 2000 device. Despite some simple limitations such as broadband, or the small size of the front screen, the idea of ​​getting a large screen at any time is something that has been waiting for a very long time. Companies like Asus have tried to present it as a tablet with a phone that can be disconnected at any time To use it separately, and this across devices (PadFone) that did not succeed.
When the Galaxy is closed, the user will get a 4.6-inch screen with a 10-megapixel front camera. It also carries a back camera with three lenses, one with 12 megapixels, and the rest at 16 megapixels. But when the device is opened, an internal camera will appear with 10 megapixels and the second resolution of 8 megapixels. The final result will be six lenses with a 4380 mA battery. When you talk about opening the device, the internal screen size will be approximately 7.3 inches, so the machine turns into a Tablet PC.

Memories of “Note 7”

The trend of social networking has changed a few hours after the new phones were received. The company that carried the shoulders and sang some of its creativity fell on its head after the technical artists posted clips and pictures showing problems in the internal screen that is supposed to be the real innovation in these devices.
The problems that have been discussed are divided into two parts. The first is the negligence of the users themselves. The company issued a warning confirming that the internal screen is covered with a protective sticker and removing it will cause damage, which is almost ignored by everyone. Without reading the instructions, they tried to remove the layer. Of the screen, and gradually the screen fully.

The second part of the problems is sudden. One of the two screens stops working for no apparent reason, and the device is not subjected to violent collision or any situation outside the natural use experience of any smartphone, which prompted the company to respond formally to all the allegations after confirming that it will investigate Immediately to find out the real reasons for this imbalance, and also announced that it will postpone the sending of phones to all who have requested in advance, the initial date was on April 26, the date that seems to be postponed without any restrictions on the company that has already lived the same scenario with “Not 7” phones, which you do not want to repeat For confirmation.

Between lines

The previous speech can be found in various media around the world. It is just a simple review of what happened with the reasons, but Samsung has provided indirect messages in the Galaxy Bold that does not justify its technical shortcomings but makes it understandable in one form or another.
The story begins from the front of the device, the screen is 4.6 inches far from what is currently used, they have very large side edges and does not extend to the whole front face, that is, Samsung did not build the new phone on the latest technologies that have reached them, At least when talking about the front face. This may be behind many reasons such as the placement of circuitry inside the device, and the size of the battery.

The experience of use may be another reason for this technical decision. Opening and closing the device, if the screen is extended on the front face, may result in an inadvertent touch of the interfaces and thus perform things that the user does not want. However, this does not mean that the experience is currently complete, the keyboard is too small and does not allow for writing.

It should not be ignored that the first version of the devices reached the technical influencers only, they were not sold in the markets, and all the conversations that confirmed that the company will withdraw the device are baseless. The arrival date of the device was at the end of April, Suddenly I postponed it indefinitely. In addition to the above, this is the first generation of smartphones equipped with folding screens, and this type of problems is very justified and understandable, especially that Samsung has never been negligent in the techniques inside the device, unlike Apple, for example, which introduced the first generation of the iPhone without support for 3G networks, And with simple technical specifications to avoid stepping up engineers when unknown problems arise.

This does not justify Samsung’s position at all, but he does not do it lightly, because its technical offer is not easy. Being a generation first and at a high price means that the “early adopter” category will be the one that will seek it, a category that is not very reliable in the studies and statistics of the companies, especially the technology, because the most important is to continue to attract more users and get Semi-static rate.

In short, Samsung does not live a new “Note 7” scenario at all. The device may not reach the market if it has technical problems, and the company will launch another generation, even a year later, because the idea of ​​folding phones is popular right now. Maybe just the cornerstone of other technologies and devices hidden by the future.