Facebook is a new look

Facebook is a new look .. How does Zuckerberg imagine his new platform?

In a blog posting on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, as usual, decided not to shrink and participated in more than 3,200 words to see the future of Facebook social networking and instant chat services, revealing a new platform that could emerge in 2020 Beyond that, a platform that appears at the top of the post is new, but after going into each point, it seems to be just a rearrangement of what exists today.

A decade and a half of time

Since its establishment in 2004, the Facebook network has spent more than a decade and a half of time controlling social media on the Internet, by developing tools that facilitate communication with friends and exchange media among themselves, and sometimes by acquiring what serves this purpose such as ” “Or” WhatsApp “, and sometimes by copying features that have been popular among users, and there is certainly talk about the property of self-destructive content, stories, from Snapchat.

The beginning of the online social experiment was simply based on the search for friends, especially the old ones, and the revival of old ties with them. But users are beginning to realize the risk of sharing everything with the public, so the idea of ​​changing privacy settings slowly begins to grow. In conjunction with that era, the application of “Messenger” in a situation presented strongly because the user spends a lot of time mainly within Facebook, and provide an option to communicate directly with friends and make calls with them is required strongly.

The same model was repeated with Instagram, the application that allowed photo sharing with a group of friends. Quickly added the direct messaging feature, then the ability to share the media within those messages, and finally the possibility to make conference calls.
In short, the Facebook experience has started from being a community in which everyone wants to contribute, with the option of communicating with the rest of its members directly. However, the privacy given by direct communication has made some people move away from participating in society to communicate effectively with members of their narrow circle. In this way, the applications of instant talks have turned into small communities; in other words, immediate social talks.


Privacy and encryption

The “Zuckerberg” section focuses on the next six sections, starting with talking about privacy followed by encryption and security, the points that have caused him over the past two years with countless problems and issues. Zuckerberg is similar to the Facebook network in its present form, in a square in a city, where everyone can visit and see what is in it, as well as the possibility of establishing direct relationships with those in it. But the user is also looking for privacy, or his own sitting room, to talk privately to a specific group of people without knowing who is outside the room with the details of that conversation.

If you load a lot of windows and doors, it means that the privacy of the conversation will be lost. Facebook does not want to take the risk and decided to build the room with full encryption techniques. This means that the messages will be encrypted and no one will be able to see their content because of encryption keys Only on the transmitter and receiver devices. But to avoid the malicious use of such technologies, such as the use of the messaging crypto force to rank their operations, Facebook is studying the best tools and practices that will allow it to detect those uses without having to be exposed to the content of messages, which still needs more time to reach.

Based on the above, the upcoming Facebook platform will come as an instant messaging application where groups can be created, or direct messages exchanged with one person. These messages will be fully encrypted and no one, including Facebook, will be able to know the contents of those messages. At the same time, each user will keep his or her own user list, which will not be visible to friends, such as Instagram, to name a few.


Temporary content is available to everyone

Since its arrival in Facebook applications, the feature has made very high usage figures, and more than 500 million people use it daily at Instagram to reserve a place in the new platform but with a few changes.

Users will be able to specify the time period for the message, which may disappear completely after being read or viewed by the recipient. Or may remain for a specific period of time, day, week, month, year, as desired by the user who will also be able to determine their fate. They either disappear completely without return or are archived in particular for later return by the same user. Or can be left intact to remain available as in current Facebook posts.

The biggest problem facing Facebook as a company now is the split between WhatsApp, Instagram, and finally the application of Messenger and Facebook, so adding a new platform is never irrational, so the new application will ensure the integration of all Facebook apps , The user will specify the person who wants to send the message to him without regard to the application used by the recipient, some use the “Watts Aab” only without a Facebook account, or may prefer some entrapment on the account of Messenger, these details will not care about users of the new platform because it will support all services At the same time.

Finally, talk about data storage, Facebook wants to build private centers to store user data to protect it from any third party you may want to access. It also said it would oppose requests to decrypt data even if it is not mandated to provide the new platform in that country because the most important is the privacy of user data and the lack of pressure from any party to reach them.

New Whatsapp?

A quick look at the points mentioned in the Zorkberg Post. With the exception of the fifth point of integrating the platform with all Facebook services, this is a literal repetition of features found in WattsApp, and to a lesser extent in Instagram and Messenger.

WattsUp provides a user with the ability to send a message to any person or group of people at the same time, all of which are fully encrypted (End-to-End Encryption). The user can delete some messages after a few sent messages, archive conversations, or even save them in a backup. It can also be deleted completely without return. As for data centers, the company already has its own data centers in America, and in some European countries as well. Because of government intervention and censorship, the application in China has been banned since 2017, and therefore no new mention (3).


The same points are available in one way or another in the rest of the web applications. What is missing is the provision of a single message exchange platform instead of jumping from one application to another. These are old intentions that caused the entrants, Under the umbrella of “Zuckerberg”. Zuckerberg’s words may have other implications for him and his employees instead of users. Talking about new data centers that will ensure data privacy may mean that outsiders now have different powers, which Facebook will try to change. The ability to determine the validity of a message and its time period may mean that the user has full control over the fate of data on his or her own server, for example, the current conversation in WattsApp does not know; does deleting the conversation from the application delete it from the servers?


Facebook’s relationship with privacy and protection has been complicated by the successive scandals that plagued it. The above may mean that Zuckerberg’s entry is merely a rewording of what is currently in place but a new formula for investor retention. Or that the points currently promoted by the network in its current products as full encryption and data centers are only marketing slogans that are not 100% correct. There may actually be an intention for radical change through a product that is needed – instant chat – ensures that existing Facebook services are not fragmented and benefits from the large user base that you currently own

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