Criticized by experts .. Founder of

Criticized by experts Founder of Amazon presents his vision of the invasion of space

Amazon founder and astronaut Jeff Bezos on Thursday unveiled a lending model for the moon from Blue Origin.
The richest man in the world has expressed his desire for mankind to live in the future in vast space colonies with glass walls.

“We can have a trillion people in the solar system, which means we’ll have 1,000 Mozart and 1,000 Einstein,” Bezos said in his presentation in Washington. “It would be an incredible civilization.”

Bezos invested billions in his own blue space company Blue Origin, which plans to launch the first crew flight of the orbiting “New Shepard” rocket later this year, and the new 270-foot Newlin rocket in 2021.

He pointed out that the fall of the satellite – which is more than 21 feet wide – will fit comfortably with this large missile, and could serve as a landing tool for astronauts on the moon by 2024 in cooperation with NASA.

Space conflict between Bezos and Mask

Bezos also showed footage of the aspirations of his colleague Elon Mask, president of SPACE X space.

Mask said he wanted to “die on Mars,” but Bezos said the planet was far from colonial.

Bezos also criticized the “fake” reusable missiles, which needed a lot of work before they were launched again, a criticism of the Falcon 9 missile, so Masque had to respond to Bezos’ hints.

The difference between the visions of the two that Bezos believes that the colonization of space to be inhabited and the construction of civilization in the other planets, while the focus of the vision of his rival Elon Mask on space tourism and go on tours of adventure and exploration.

Other observers criticized Bezos’ space ambitions, arguing that his priorities should be to protect the Earth first.

A water resource expert said Bezos’ vision of the future, based on endless population growth and increasing energy demand, was unrealistic.

Others wondered why the owner of the largest Internet company could not digitally deliver his presentation.

NASA has not set specific wages to send passengers to the moon by 2024, and Congress is preparing for a hearing this week with a budget outline still under discussion with the Office of Management and Budget.

Ars Technica said the space agency estimated it would need an additional $ 8 billion per year over the next five years, plus its annual budget of $ 19 billion.

If NASA returns to the moon, you will probably need someone to build a landing craft, because it does not have one, and does not have any budget funds to build one.

In this regard, Bezos pointed out that Blue Origin has a preference in this field, where three years ago the design of a spacecraft began.