Cyber ​​attacks The need to protect against threats

Cyber ​​attacks The need to protect against threats

No one is safe from a network attack, SMEs must be aware of the need to invest in cybersecurity, the company Bizkaian P3rseus helps them take this step.


Not being properly protected against network attacks can be very expensive. A virus can end up stopping productive processes, or they can even hijack information from the company and then ask for a ransom.

And is that behind each attack, there is someone who wants to get a benefit, good economic or any other, such as hurting the image of a brand, etc.

Startup Bizkaia P3rseus was created a year ago to bring cybersecurity to small and medium companies. They want to let them know that they too are susceptible to attacks, and that today it is possible to protect themselves in a more affordable way, not like a few years ago where only the large multinationals that managed large budgets could invest in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity should be considered by P3rseus a serious bet on companies, a branch more like the maintenance of machinery for example.