A huge market in the Dark Web in Germany

A huge market in the Dark Web in Germany

A Europol-led police operation resulted in the arrest of three people believed to be running Wall Street, the second largest online trading market on the dark web.

The authorities have also taken over the servers of the website and more than 550,000 euros ($ 615,000) in cash, and digitized currencies of the composition and mineral “in quantities greater than six digits” can be a huge amount (where the currency is currently forming at $ 5700 per unit, Moreno traded around $ 65 per unit).

The arrests were part of “Dark Web Team” operations, the latest in a series of campaigns targeting the dark Web market.

When German police arrested the suspects on the Wall Street market, Finnish law enforcement authorities seized another market known as Selkie or Valhalla, and US police arrested two top drug traffickers.

According to Europol, the Wall Street market has more than 1.15 million users and 5,400 drug and malware vendors and other illegal substances.

The ZDNet website said the market was already in turmoil, and it was clear that the owners were conducting “fraudulent escape” as they fled with vendor money. Some employees appeared to be scaring users by threatening to reveal their identities, ) On the Internet data for high-level users.

According to a statement by the German Justice Ministry, owners of the Wall Street market were trying to quit after receiving a lot of scrutiny and influx of new users, most likely because of the closure of Dream Market, once the largest dark market. But when traders found that their money disappeared on April 16, “this prompted the German authorities to carry out a series of arrest and search warrants.”

Over the past few years, police have pursued dark internet markets – anonymous transactions that can not be traced through the Tor network – by arresting the makers of those markets and sowing suspicion in their operations. In some cases, police secretly penetrated the platforms and kept them in action, capturing details of buyers and sellers for further arrests.